About Joy


Joy is the president of Joy Of Multimedia and founder of Travel With Joy. She is an e-trip architect, a multimedia digital producer and edutainer.

 She helps youth become motivated learners and global leaders by hosting virtual tours, e-trips and live digital programs that make learning fun and challenging.

Her live virtual tours, e-trips and programs:
• Improve reading

  • Expose youth to zoos, museums and science centers
  • Discover other countries, cultures and heritage.

    • Offer high school students an opportunity to interact with college recruiters, develop entrepreneurships and careers through live virtual home experiences.

With over 30 years experience she consulted, spoke at
 national and international conferences.  She has also worked with schools, organizations, churches and businesses hosting virtual & live streaming  workshops.

Some of her accomplishments are:
• Produced and coordinated a team of technology experts in providing a solution by bringing keynote speaker – Steve Jobs – CEO, Apple Computers – to an audience in South Florida via videoconferencing and streaming technologies.

• Produced the first live virtual open-heart surgery event at Memorial Hospital in Florida with 18 schools participating and learning in realtime about medical and surgical operations.

• First to connect and co-host a videoconference presentation with schools on five continents in the following countries: United States, Norway, Australia, Japan and Cape Town, South Africa in order to find commonalities in humanity.

• Leadership Broward Graduate Class XXVI, 2008

  Live stream- virtual event (videoconference) strategist and producer since 1989

Joy says, ” It’s electrifying to know that the use of video communication technology such as video chat and Zoom can bring the world of learning, business and entertainment to the front door of our lives”.

Contact Joy at joyofmultimedia@gmail.com if you are looking for a speaker for your event, if you are looking for someone to produce your next virtual event or if you are interested in participating in live virtual memorable experiences.