Testimonials From Parents

Jacqualynn H.on Sep 7

What a lovely and charismatic story teller Grandma Joy is! Looking forward to our next class

Tiffany T.on Sep 1

Wonderful class! Lots of energy. The kids were engaged. The teacher called on every student multiple times. My daughter loved it.

Jessi O.on Aug 30

Grandma Joy is amazing! My daughters loves going to her class and always leaves knowing 3 new sight words!

Ruthie M.on Aug 11

We've struggled getting our son (who's now 6) to participate and be interested in virtual schooling. I've never seen him participate and have as much enthusiasm as he did in Grandma's... 

Melissa S.on May 26

My children love Grandma Joy! She makes learning fun and exciting. By the end of the class both of my kids were able to recognize and spell the sight words Grandma Joy taught.

Richard P.on Apr 24

My son loved this class. Grandma Joy was engaging and made the class fun. We will be joining a few more.