Read Aloud Game Show

Read Aloud Game Show are for children who want to have fun while improving in reading comprehension and vocabulary building skills.

As Grandma Joy read the selected story, children are entertained through Grandma Joy’s dramatic reading. She showcase the right atmosphere for comprehension discussions and questions to be effective. After the children are knowledgeable of the story, the guided reading game begins.

During the game, boys play against the girls to try to  win virtual play, play money and bragging rights. 

In addition children will receive an activity/coloring packet to compliment the story.

NOTE: THERE MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 6 CHILDREN TO PLAY THE GAME – All can participate and receive the activity/coloring ebook but only 6 will come on the virtual stage to play the game.

Duration: 60 minutes                                  Target Audience: 6 to 9 year olds
Minimum Participants: 6                            ALL OTHERS ARE VIEW ONLY