About Joy


Joy Veasy is the president of Joy of Multimedia and founder of Travel With Joy, a cutting-edge virtual travel company that brings the world to families from the comfort of their own homes. With her passion for travel and love of kids, Joy saw an opportunity to create a unique and educational virtual travel experience for families who are unable to travel due to COVID-19 or other reasons.

 She helps youth become motivated learners and global leaders by hosting virtual tours, e-trips and live digital programs that make learning fun and challenging.

Under her leadership, Travel With Joy  has become a leading provider of virtual travel experiences for families. With her innovative approach and commitment to providing high-quality content, Joy’s company has been praised for its ability to transport families to new destinations and cultures without ever leaving their homes.

AS A TOUR GUIDE, Miss Joy brings a wealth of knowledge in virtual tours. Since 1989, she has been offering students in Florida the opportunity to explore the world through digital travels. She is well-versed in distance education training and operations, having received her training from reputable institutions such as Texas A&M University and Nova Southeastern University. In fact, long before the advent of modern communication tools like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, Miss Joy was already collaborating with various companies and organizations to advance the power of distance communications such as livestreams and videoconference technology.

Contact Joy at travelwithjoytours@gmail.com if you are interested in bringing a tour to your event.